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A family should feel safe

...and that's not really asking too much

Feeling Safe and Secure. Having peace of mind. This simple principle is why I started CDH Resources. 

Did you know that more than half of all families are either under-insured or have no life insurance at all? And if they have no insurance, what would happen if a mom or a dad unfortunately passed away? What would that mean to the family, to the children, to the surviving spouse?

I never really thought about this problem until I actually entered the Insurance industry in 2010. You see, I’m not a grizzled 30 year Insurance and benefits veteran. My background is in Engineering, Business Development, and Small Business. So when I heard that stat about families not having insurance and being at some serious risk, it really made me think. How come? Why don’t more people purchase Life Insurance, get it done and get their family protected. 

I’ve heard plenty of stories. People are cheap. Or they’re too lazy to apply for a policy. Or they just won’t take the time to understand that they need this. Or they think that they don’t need insurance. 

But then I decided to do some personal research and try to find out what people are really thinking, not just what insurance people think, or what industry experts say. And I asked some regular people a few simple questions. And they all pretty much agreed on a few basic things…


For many people, Life Insurance looks like this...

...and it should look like this...

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Our mission

We help families protect their loved ones and insure their peace of mind

Hi. My name is Rich Elfenbein and I am the founder of Life and Work. My mission is to take away all of the barriers that keep people from protecting their family. We will make your experience clear and uncomplicated, so you can find the insurance you need, and you can find the peace of mind that comes from knowing that those you care about most are safe, secure, and protected.

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